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Your Retirement Roadmap by Don Moore

Lying awake nights wondering if you’ll run out of money before you run out of breath? That’s the reality facing millions of Americans today in a rapidly aging society of economic instability, devastated nest eggs, skyrocketing health care costs, and plummeting purchasing power. Is it possible to realistically plan for a comfortable retirement in these uncertain times?

Not only is it possible, but that’s exactly what this book is about: how to create a retirement plan to support your lifestyle throughout your life and your spouse’s life, then distribute your estate to your heirs in the most beneficial and tax-efficient way.

Donald Moore, a preeminent retirement planner, has worked with hundreds of clients over many years to chart the right course for each individual and couple to achieve their retirement dreams.

Retire Abundantly by Scott Keffer with Don Moore

If you are looking for a retirement “expert,” there is certainly no shortage of options. In fact, you can do a quick online search, browse through your local newsstand, or flip through the channels and find a million of them — “experts” who are ready to tell you that they have the answers you’re looking for to secure your retirement. They claim to have a one-of-a-kind, magic bullet product or solution — and maybe they do.

Or maybe they don’t.

The retirement landscape has changed so dramatically in the last decade that it’s time to separate facts from fiction. In Retire Abundantly, you’ll receive answers to your biggest retirement questions (plus answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask).

You only retire once, so you might as well get it right!

Why didn’t my CPA tell me THAT?

Are you getting the smartest tax advice? Understanding the difference between tax prep and tax planning could save you thousands! America’s Top Certified Tax Coaches share dozens of write-offs you’ve never heard about. Taxes continue to be the single biggest expense for business owners and entrepreneurs. What most business owners don’t realize is there are dozens of ways to save on taxes that most conventional CPAs have never even heard about.